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Mother Beats 8-Month Old Helpless Baby

Penulis : hiero Wolvis on Sunday, 13 May 2012 | 09:33

OMG! How could a mother do this to her own kid? That’s worst child abuse! That’s a helpless baby! Why? Why? Why? Keep on beating the helpless kid for more than 4 minutes? Puch the baby!, Slap the baby!, Kick the baby!,

Hit the baby with pillow!, Pinching the baby!, Pushing the baby! That’s really too much and also to the person that videoing the process of abusing can’t just stop her instead of just videoing and stopping her from abusing the baby?? See the women shouting

“Diamlah bodoh!” (shutup stupid!) to the baby?! Another women just asking to stop but not preventing her from continuing abusing the baby? Just shouting “Jangan buat macam tu. Kau nak bunuh dia ke!?” (Don’t do that. You want to kill the baby!?)

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